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The Greatest Attacker in Chess – The Enigmatic Rashid Nezhmetdinov

The Greatest Attacker in Chess – The Enigmatic Rashid Nezhmetdinov


Meet one of the most aggressive chess players in history, the one and only Rashid Nezhmetdinov!

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Rashid Nezhmetdinov (1912-1974) played excellent offensive chess.Five times Nezhmetdinov was the Russian Federation chess champion! In the 1961 Soviet championship, he won the prize for the best game. This was because he achieved a spectacular victory against the one and only Mikhail Tal. One can imagine the chaos on the chessboard when the two faced each other. He had also deservedly beaten players like

Bronstein and
With his dazzling style, the Soviet master was already a legend during his lifetime. Unfortunately for him and for us, his international fame was largely limited. Only once did he get permission to show his extraordinary talent in tournaments abroad.

His games which are characterized by high level tactics are gaining an ever growing audience. Nezhmetdinov’s shocking strategic queen sacrifice queen in 1962 against Chernikov, as shown on Agadmator’s YouTube channel, has become the most popular chess video of all time with millions of views!

In this book, Cyrus Lakdawala takes the reader into the mind and general life of Nezhmetdinov. Nezhmetdinov grew up an orphan in the part of the Soviet Union that is now Kazakhstan. As one can deduce his life had difficulties from the very beginning.

Lakdawala presents over 100 lots. He shows us how Nezhmetdinov fought for the initiative in each of his games regardless of the opponent. He explains his special way of bluffing and how sacrifice was an integral part of his games. A very important element that is also discussed in the book is his great composure. A powerful weapon which helped him to overcome any opponent!

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