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Squeezing the Caro-Kann: Simple Chess

Squeezing the Caro-Kann: Simple Chess


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In recent years, with the continuous development of chess, the theories on the various openings have been developed simultaneously. This is also the case with the extremely popular Caro-Can defence. Several high level players and not only have included it in their repertoire. So it becomes necessary for the chess players of the 1st E4 to fight to find the best answers.

The authors suggest a very promising method for White to counter the Caro-Can defense. This is none other than the exchange line. It belongs to the main lines in White’s options (3.echd5 gxd5 4.ad3). An extremely interesting approach against this possible opening. Definitely worth paying very serious attention to. This is confirmed in practice. Doing research one will notice the following. In recent years its popularity has grown considerably, and at quite different levels.

By studying the book the reader will learn and develop his knowledge on some very interesting facts.

1. Whites gain control of the center , develop quickly and rock fast. White keeps the game calm and does not seek direct conflict with black.

2. White begins to become more active and more aggressive after completing his development. In general the game is focused on the center and the king’s wing.

3. Of course, it is necessary to know the theory and accurately calculate the different lines. But it is not the most important thing. White seeks to reach positions in which he must know good strategy and be able to make a correct evaluation of the resulting positions. Of course, finding the right plan is also extremely important.

4. It is necessary to study the positions with an isolated pawn as such positions are likely to arise.

5. Finally, White is still fighting for an opening advantage. It may only be a small advantage, but it is certainly capable of determining the outcome and result of the game.

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