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Beat the Anti-Sicilians

Beat the Anti-Sicilians


This brand new book provides a complete repertoire for black against all critical positions after 1.e4 c5!

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The book in the words of the author ROBERT RIS.

Just because one has well edited one’s analyses does not mean that they are ready for publication. It takes a lot of study to be able to present a book ,especially a book like the Sicilian one. Eventually as I progressed I realized that it would take much longer than I expected. I actually spent my time over the last year editing my original analysis. I reapplied the computer check. I watched the last batches and added them to my files. I repeated the process several times to achieve a result that satisfied me.

By a large majority a ”Sicilian player” prefers to face open Sicilian. Similarly, I was disappointed when someone deviated from the main lines. But if one invests time in the study of Anti-Sicilian, one will not mind facing various less main lines. On the contrary he will be happy as long as he is well prepared and will eventually transfer the pressure to the opponent.

Within the book some of the analyses are perhaps too long. This should not frighten you! I chose this mainly so that the reader could understand the thematic ideas and understand the development of the game. The total of 37 games I chose will help you understand the opening much better. You will also greatly understand the positions resulting from the opening and the finale. I also include online games as well. Due to the fast paced game there were quite a few mistakes made. This helps to analyze them, understand them and ultimately not repeat them.

Most of the book covers Rossolimo and Alapin, but also some of the more popular lines at the top level. It also meets the Grand Prix Attack and the Gambit Morra. Finally I work through in detail other alternatives to White’s 2nd move.

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