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Kingwalks – Paths of Glory

Kingwalks – Paths of Glory


The King is going for a walk! A very interesting book about the King’s “walks” at the different points of the game.

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Which chess player is not fascinated by the walk of a king? Who is not impressed when he sees the most important and at the same time vulnerable chess piece trying to stay safe?

Your king’s march across the chessboard can be as exciting as it is terrifying! Imagine your king’s march across the chessboard bringing you a glorious victory at the end. What could be more beautiful than that? But at the same time it can also lead to an embarrassing defeat. A theoretically weak piece but also so strong.  Such a special piece which through its paths on the chessboard so easily changes the outcome. It is extremely impressive that despite its stiffness it can create so many problems. As long as we can handle him correctly, of course.

Within the book by Bruce Harper and Yasser Seirawan the reader will find the following topics about the king’s walk:

Walk to defend key points and squares
Walk for the preparation of an attack
The king’s walk in the finale and the attack on the opposing pawns
Walk of both kings at all stages of the game
Protection of the king in the opening and in the finale
Unsuccessful walks

A very entertaining and at the same time instructive book. A book that will help the reader to understand the beauty the power and the peculiarities of this unique piece!

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