Attacking 1...d5 (Volume 2) Chess books
Attacking 1…d5 (Volume 2)

Attacking 1…d5 (Volume 2)


Completing the work of building a full repertoire against set-ups with 1…d5!

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A few words about the book..

This book is essentially a continuation of the very instructive book by Kiril Georgiev Attacking 1..d5 (Volume 1)

This book complements the previous one with new pattern ideas and variations. Within the book the reader will encounter systems such as the Vienna, the Chebanenko. the Ragozin, the Hennig-Schara Gambit, the Tarrasch. The author focuses on and analyzes the initial moves 1.c4 e6 2.Ic3 d5 3.d4 a6 and 3…Ab4. A book which can be a powerful weapon for any chess player. Combined with the previous volume they offer the reader a complete repertoire for both sides.

But who is Kiril Georgiev?

Kiril Georgiev was born on 28 November 1965 in Petrich, Bulgaria. At the of13 he became an IM and two years later he won the GM title. Georgiev first caught the attention of the chess world in 1983, when he became World Youth Champion with an impressive 11½ at 13.He has represented his country many times at the Chess Olympiad , playing either 1 or 2. He has also won the title of Bulgarian Champion seven times!

His chess career is extremely impressive and certainly much can be written about it. But apart from that he has also been involved in writing books. Some of them are Squeezing the Gambits, Fighting the London System , The Modern English, The Sharpest Sicilian.



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