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How to Play Equal Positions

How to Play Equal Positions


Vasillios Kotronias will help you to make the next step in your chess development!

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What the reader will find in the book..

The purpose of this book is to shed light on the basic principles governing the “boring” chess positions. Positions which are quite complicated. Positions which do not seem to have a clear advantage for either side. Admittedly, these are positions which border on equality.

Such positions have gradually become the main choices in today’s chess world. This has happened for a number of reasons. One factor that has certainly influenced is the introduction of machines into chess. Computers can increasingly easily reject positions perhaps permanently knocking them down.

Coupled with the machines comes of course the human factor. Chess players over the years have continually increased their level of skill and their desire to create winning fortunes in positions with zero advantage.

Grand-master Vassilios Kotronias proposes a clear method of thinking in dry level positions with no long-term plans. It is mainly based on correct positional evaluation and categorization and move-by-move play. He analyzes the patterns and strategic ideas and helps the reader to fully understand such positions.

The book is not intended for chess beginners. It is important that the reader has a full understanding of the basic strategic and tactical ideas. Thus this book will help him to take the next step in his chess career.

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