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Winning the World Open

Winning the World Open


Strategies to succeed in America’s most prestigious and powerful open chess tournament. A special book about the most famous open tournament on the planet!

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The World Open!

Every year, around the 4th of July, Philadelphia is the center of the chess world. Powerful chess players from all corners of the world make their rendezvous there. This implies that it also becomes the site of countless epic battles on the chessboard. For more than fifty years professionals and amateurs alike have been meeting over the chessboard. Legendary organizer Bill Goichberg created a very simple model. He decided to put up large entry fees but at the same time very large prizes. A model that established it as the best open tournament on the planet!

A few words about the book..

Joel Benjamin and Harold Scott’s research started with a simple question. How are some players so consistent in their efforts, always fighting for the top prizes? What is the motivation that gives them the power to win? Is it the money the volume of entries or is it something else? So they did this: They reviewed hundreds of games and conducted a series of interviews with players who won the tournament multiple times! They all had one thing in common: Their thirst for chess and their competitive spirit!

This very interesting book contains a fantastic collection of the best games of the tournament. Games that were decisive for the outcome of the tournament. Also games of outstanding strategic and tactical beauty. But the authors don’t stop there. When referring to a tournament that has been going on for fifty years, we understand that a lot has happened. So within the book there are many entertaining stories and scandals that the reader will enjoy! We are dealing in any case with a complete book. The reader will be educated but at the same time entertained while gaining a wealth of chess and historical knowledge. A fantastic work by Joel Benjamin and Harold Scott that is definitely worth having in your collection.

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