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The Modern English: Volume 2

The Modern English: Volume 2


This volume completes the coverage of the Modern English with a repertoire against 1…c5, 1…Nf6, and 1…e6.

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This book is a continuation of the first volume which deals with 1…e5.  The authors through the book cover the repertoire against 1…c5, 1…c5, 1…J6 and 1…e6. We can say that in essence it is about the struggle for the centre with White’s e3 and d4.

The book is written mainly from White’s point of view. The authors, of course, through the analyses look for various alternatives to the main lines. In this way also a player who chooses black can benefit greatly. Inside the book the reader will find exactly what he needs as authors Kiril Georgiev and Semko Semkov cover everything one can look for.

What you will find in the book..

The book consists of 12 chapters which are divided as follows:

Chapter 1. 1.c4 c5. Symmetrical with …g6
Main Ideas 7 Step by Step 10 Annotated Games 18
Chapter 2. 1.c4 c5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nc3 e6
Main Ideas 27 Step by Step 30 Annotated Games 43
Chapter 3. Symmetrical with …e6, …Nxd5
Main Ideas 59 Step by Step 64 Annotated Games 75
Chapter 4. Symmetrical with …b6
Main Ideas 81 Step by Step 84 Annotated Games 91
Chapter 5. Maróczy Bind
Main Ideas 99 Step by Step 105 Annotated Games 118
Chapter 6. Anti-Grünfeld
Main Ideas 125 Step by Step 127 Annotated Games 139
Chapter 7. Anti-Nimzo
Main Ideas 153 Step by Step 156 Annotated Games 165
Chapter 8. 1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e6 3.e4
Main Ideas 173 Step by Step 177 Annotated Games 191
Chapter 9. Anti-Slav and Chebanenko
Main Ideas 199 Step by Step 203 Annotated Games 213
Chapter 10. Anti-Meran
Main Ideas 217 Step by Step 220 Annotated Games 229
Chapter 11. Anti-Queens’s Gambit
Main Ideas 235 Step by Step 237 Annotated Games 243
Chapter 12. Odds and Ends
Step by Step 245 Annotated Games 249

A few words about the authors

Grandmaster Kiril Georgiev is the strongest Bulgarian player for many years. He was World Junior Champion and third winner in Europe. He has played in 15 Olympics and was also the coach of the Bulgarian national team. His highest score was in the top ten in the world. Kiril wrote the books The Sharpest Sicilian, Squeezing the Gambits and Fighting the London System.

Semko Semkov played for Bulgaria in one Olympiad. He is a chess journalist and chess theorist. His most famous books are The Most Flexible Sicilian and Understanding the QGA.

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