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Play the Alekhine Defence

Play the Alekhine Defence


A very good book by Alexei Kornev which will teach you the secrets of the Alekhine defense!

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The Alekhine defence is not one of the most common openings. The truth is that it is not a main option for top players. However, it certainly should not pass us by indifferently. He hides a lot of interesting ideas. It is definitely an option for surprise but also for blitz or rapid matches.

In Alekhine Defense, Black does not struggle to conquer the center with his pawns. Instead he allows White to conquer it and then begins to apply direct pressure on White’s center. Black’s knight on z6 attacks the pawn on e4, and if it advances, then Black’s d-pawn joins the attack against it.

The Alekhine Defence, as mentioned above, is particularly responsive in encounters with players below 230th elo, as well as in games with short time. This can of course act as an advantage. Since the opening is not used that often in practice, your opponent may lose plenty of time to remember the theory of the opening. In some cases he may not even know it!

Inside Alexei Kornev’s book you will find everything you need to successfully use the Alekhine defense. You will find the main lines detailed as well as every variation and variation that can be played!

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