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Street Smart Chess by Axel Smith (Hardcover edition)

Street Smart Chess by Axel Smith (Hardcover edition)


Axel Smith continues his great work with this amazing book! Read it and you will see a substantial improvement in your level.

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Axel Smith after writing the amazing and internationally acclaimed The Woodpecker Method, Pump Up Your Rating and E3 Poison continues with another excellent book. There are important questions you need to ask yourself. Do you want to score more points on the chessboard? Are you struggling to understand whether you should play for a win or a draw? Do you want to adapt your playing style to the game at hand? What does it take to beat players with higher elo? If you want an answer to these questions and many more this is the book you need!

Axel Smith will help you achieve it in a unique way. In each chapter he uses a top-grandmaster as a model. He explains and breaks down the techniques they use at all levels. How does Magnus Carlsen so expertly turn tied positions to his advantage? How has Baskaran Adhiban achieved so many outstanding results with higher-quality players?

This original and award-winning book should definitely be in your library!

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