Caruana’s Ruy Lopez

Caruana’s Ruy Lopez


One of the best players in the world with great knowledge of the opening, and not only, takes us on a journey through the paths of Ruy Lopez from the white side.

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Certainly when we mention the name Ruy Lopez we think of one of the most classic openings in chess. An opening that is tried by chess players of all levels. This popularity, which Ruy Lopez has, certainly ranks it as one of the most analyzed openings in chess. At the same time it has many theoretical ideas and many branches.

In this book, Fabiano Caruana, takes us through the theoretical labyrinths of Ruy Lopez! He analyzes in depth both strategic and tactical ideas that emerge. Caruana does not focus on the complicated theoretical chaos. This does not mean, of course, that he does not analyze the terrible battles that take place on the chessboard. Within the book you will find games and analyses covering a range of 15 different lines!

Caruana’s main goal is to help us understand the main characteristics of each position, understand the patterns involved, identify weaknesses and develop as much of an advantage as possible with white!

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