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San Luis 2005 – Alik Gershon & Igor Nor

San Luis 2005 – Alik Gershon & Igor Nor



A perfect book written about one of the most known chess tournaments in history.

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San Luis 2005 is the most celebrated chess tournament of the decade. Bulgarian Grandmaster Veselin Topalov triumphed and proved that he is a notable successor to World Champions such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. In this determined work Gershon and Nor analyse all the games from the tournament, but there is no danger of the reader drowning in masses of variations, as the authors clearly explain the ideas behind the moves. Tournament books used to be a  friendly part of chess literature with Zurich 1953 a classic example, however such books are now rare because of the huge effort they demand from the authors. Gershon and Nor have risen to the challenge and manufactured a book that is destined to become a modern classic, a splendid book worthy of an extraordinary tournament. Many colour photographs of the event and the surrounding Argentinean scenery help the reader feel what it was like to be at San Luis 2005.

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