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Gyula Breyer: The Chess Revolutionary – Jimmy Adams

Gyula Breyer: The Chess Revolutionary – Jimmy Adams


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Gyula Breyer (1893-1921) was a very successful and imaginative chess player. He won the championship of his native country Hungary as a teenager and achieved remarkable results against the leading players of his time.

But first and most, Breyer was a revolutionary in his chess thinking. He supported the idea of dynamic chess and formulated many of the Hypermodern concepts, long before others started their investigations. Even, after his death, he was omitted from most of the chess history books and these days is only known for the Breyer variation, an ever famous defence against the Ruy Lopez.

However, Jimmy Adams has now unlocked Breyer’s legacy from the archives and made it accessible to the chess world at large. This monumental book gives 240 of his games, annotated by Breyer himself and many others. It also features a big number of articles, columns and fragments from newspapers, magazines and books, sparkling with chess and literary wit. The majority present in English for the first time – and indeed in any other language but Hungarian.

By piecing together this material in chronological order, Jimmy Adams has built a mesmerizing biography covering Gyula Breyer’s intense, unconventional and ultimately tragic life. Included as well is a selection of his chess problems, some of which are truly amazing.

FIDE Master Jimmy Adams is a prolific chess author, who has written, translated and compiled a wide range of books on openings, historical tournaments and legendary players. His books include Johannes Zukertort, Artist of the Chessboard and Mikhail Chigorin, The Creative Genius.

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