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Gambit Killer – Ivan Salgado Lopez

Gambit Killer – Ivan Salgado Lopez



Ivan Salgado shows you how to play the gambits.

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Chess is, after all, a game. It’s important to find the best moves. You don’t need to know everything about chess; what you need to know is the right things! This is why children now learn the game more quickly – they get the right information. Even if they don’t know many things, they have the right patterns in their heads! This is my first goal in this book. I want to give you ONLY the information that you need, no more, no less. Of course, this was not an easy task, but I tried my best.

Another thing I consider important is how the information is organized. The same information can be presented in many different ways; sometimes we will understand it perfectly, sometimes not. In my opinion, it is very important that a chess book should follow pedagogical principles to improve the learning process! ~ Ivan Salgado Lopez

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