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Folding Wooden Chess Set STAUNTON STANDARD (Tournament 6)
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Folding Wooden Chess Set STAUNTON STANDARD (Tournament 6)


One of the most elegant and impressive wooden sets available! An excellent choice for any professional or amateur chess player.

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Perhaps the best wooden set one can get. It literally has it all! A stunning exterior which is accompanied by a detailed and beautiful design. It includes an internal storage case as stylish as its exterior.

And of course we don’t stop there. The set includes the best pieces one can own. Impressive STAUNTON-style pieces. Pieces which in addition to their gorgeous appearance are accompanied by excellent durability. An excellent choice for amateurs and professionals. It certainly has the potential to satisfy even the most demanding critic.

You can carry it literally everywhere. Ideal for official tournaments and also for friendly games. A fantastic choice for a gift to impress others and yourself.

Dimensions (height | width at the bottom):

King: 9,6 cm / 3,5 cm.
Queen: 8,2 cm | 3,5 cm (height: 9,6 cm | 3,5 cm).

Bishop: 6,9 cm | 3,2 cm
Knight: 6,7 cm | 3,2 cm
Pawn: 4,5 cm | 2,6 cm

Square dimension: 5,8 x 5,8 cm.
Chessboard dimensions (closed): 52,5 x 25,5 x 6 cm.

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