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Chess set CYLINDER

Chess set CYLINDER


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Want to be ready for a game of chess at any time? Want to find a way to have it all in one? If so then this set is definitely what you need!

The set consists of a pretty stylish chess board. The pieces too that accompany it are certainly not lacking in beauty. And together they come with an excellent and easy to carry storage case! And all this at a fantastic price!

The pieces have the following dimensions:

Dimensions (height|width at the bottom):
King: 9,5 cm | 3,6 cm
Queen: 8,1 cm | 3,6 cm
Rook: 5,4 cm | 3,3 cm
Bishop: 6,8 cm | 3,3 cm
Knight: 6,4 cm | 3,3 cm

Pawn: 4,4 cm | 2,7 cm

Board square dimension: 4,5 cm
Board dimension: 46 x 41 cm

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Square Size