El Viejo – Life, Games & Stories

El Viejo – Life, Games & Stories


Learn about the life and work of the great Miguel Najdorf from personal experience with Zenón Franco.

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n this book Zenón Franco summarizes seventy years of Miguel Najdorf’s life. He goes back in time to Argentina and describes its chess history. In most cases through Najdorf himself according to his own writings. We are certainly talking about the most important Argentine chess player and also an amazing man. Zenón Franco spent time with him and within the book he will take you through the work and games of Don Miguel!

In the words of the author:

Writing about Najdorf is one of my greatest joys. Meeting him is a privilege of a lifetime. I never felt able to call him “el Viejo” (“The Old Man”), as everyone, including myself, called him. I remember the 1970 Olympics. Najdorf played on the top chess board and once again had to face the best players in the world Wexler had then said: “If Najdorf wants to, no one can beat him, but he will want to win and then he can lose; but if he plays for a draw, no one can beat him!

Liliana Najdorf, one of his daughters and author of the book “Najdorf × Najdorf”, described him as follows: “To say that he was larger than life seems an understatement. I look for synonyms to help me define him, and in these words I find him: passionate, disproportionate, flamboyant, gigantic, extraordinary, shocking, wonderful. Wise.”

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