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Alexander Beliavsky – Part1 – Károlyi Tibor

Alexander Beliavsky – Part1 – Károlyi Tibor



Ένα ταξίδι στην πολύ πλούσια σκακιστική καριέρα του Alexander Beliavsky.

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Karolyi Tibor comments on his first part of Beliavsky’s biography

As I got on with the entertaining task of analysing Beliavsky‘s fantastic games I did not pay much attention to the size of the book; I just selected all the games I found absorbing and did not try to limit the depth or length of the annotations. I finished the book and joyfully submitted the material. After a while Chess Evolution replied, informing me that some cuts would be required, so I asked them whether two volumes would be possible. They looked into the material again and the rich contents of Beliavsky’s games convinced them to publish a second volume with the addition of some extra games. I was ecstatic to hear this news.

Where to separate volumes is generally not an easy task, however this time it was easier. In the first volume Beliavsky’s junior years are covered and it ends when he becomes an established world-class player. He was an exceptionally successful junior winning virtually every possible honour. Soon afterwards he produced a amazing performance by winning the Soviet Championship, sharing first place with the legendary world champion Mikhail Tal. With this he proved himself to be a very dynamic player, however it took him a few years to become an absolute world-class player.

Additionally, once I submitted the material the grandmaster answered some additional questions, and of course these words are very helpfull and I was only too happy to insert them into the two volumes. All the years I cover in Volume 1 he showed an incredible improvement – raising his level dramatically. However one thing he was able to deliver right from the very beginning was his ability to produce incredibly entertaining games.

The second part of Beliavsky biography

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