Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! Vol.1B | Chess books for the opening
Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! Vol.1B

Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! Vol.1B


Grandmasters Kotronias and Ivanov in continuation of Your Jungle Guide to 1.d4! Vol.1A offer readers a unique repertoire based on 1.d4!

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Grandmasters Kotronias and Ivanov continue their excellent work by offering readers a unique book. This time they collaborate and present an excellent work which is about the Queen’s Gambit Accepted. Within 648 pages you will find everything you need to gain the ability to claim the advantage in every position!

What the reader will find in the book..
  • Chapter 1  QGA 3.e4 Nf6 with 5…Nc6
  • Chapter 2  QGA 3.e4 Nf6 with 5…Nb6 (…10–)
  • Chapter 3  QGA 3.e4 Nf6 with 5…Nb6 (10…Qd7)
  • Chapter 4  QGA 3.e4 Nf6 (Main line)
  • Chapter 5  QGA 3.e4 Nc6 Part 1
  • Chapter 6  QGA 3.e4 Nc6 Part 2
  • Chapter 7  QGA 3.e4 Nc6 Part 3
  • Chapter 8  QGA 3.e4 Nc6 Part 4
  • Chapter 9  QGA 3.e4 e5 Part 1
  • Chapter 10  QGA 3.e4 e5 Part 2

The author Vassilios Kotronias

As most will know, Vasilios Kotronias is the first Greek Grandmaster. He has represented both Greece and Cyprus in many chess Olympiads being the greatest player. He has also written several books about chess. He has won many important tournaments such as Gibraltar, Hastings, Capel la Grande (with a draw) and many other closed and open tournaments.  Another very important distinction is his several qualification in the FIDE World Cup knockout tournament.

He has won trophies with the best chess clubs in the championships of Greece, Hungary, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Sweden, etc. Finally he has coached the Greek National Team and strong world class players such as Veselin Topalov Nigel Short and Alexei Shirov.

The author Mikhail Ivanov

Mikhail Ivanov was born in 1969 in Bryansk, Russia.  He earned the title of Grandmaster in 1993. In his chess career he has won a large number of very important chess competitions. One of them is the mighty Grenke Chess Open in 2002 (tied with L. Aronian).  In 1998 he was alone in first place. He played for many different European clubs in the Bundesliga , Austria, France, Belgium, Czech Republic etc. During the European Club Championships in Ohrid (2009), he took 3rd place on the 2nd board. Now he mainly concentrates on coaching and writing.

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