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The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded

The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded


A new updated version of The Safest Grünfeld which was first published in 2011.

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This book is essentially a completely new version of the original The Safest Grünfeld which was published in 2011. But chess is constantly evolving. That is why author Alexander Delchev chose to update his work. He revisited all the lines and changed several of his analyses. In this way he adapted the book according to the latest developments in theory.

Within the book there are also completely new chapters, such as those on anti-Grünfeld. At the rate chess is evolving the top players have been losing are finding it difficult to find advantage in the main lines.

There are examples of top grandmasters who have tried various lines. Anand for example chose 3.f3 against Gelfand and 5.Bd2 against Carlsen. So the author devoted special attention to the Sämish approach with two different proposals. 3…Nc6 is less studied and perhaps more efficient from a practical point of view, while 3…d5 is in excellent theoretical condition, but requires more memorization.

Quite often, however, white players try to avoid Grünfeld. For this reason an extra chapter has been added on the very timely Trompowsky and Barry/Jobava attack. Finally the 7.Bc4 system in the Exchange variation and the Russian System have also undergone a significant improvement.

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