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Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures (Hardcover edition)

Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures (Hardcover edition)


The life of perhaps the greatest chess player of all time through more than 200 photos!

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When it comes to Magnus Carlsen, words are superfluous. What to say about this unique chess player.

Magnus Carlsen was born in 1990 in Oslo, Norway. He played his first tournament at the age of 8 and on April 26, 2004 he became the third youngest grandmaster in history at the age of only 13. On January 1, with the publication of the new FIDE evo, history changed! Magnus became the youngest chess player in history to reach the top of the international ranking. In January 2013 Carlsen made history again. In the FIDE ranking he reached 2,861 Elo points, surpassing the previous record of the only Gary Kasparov which was 2,851 (July 1999). From there Carlsen has had a brilliant run reaching November 2021 which finds him defending the world title against Ian Nepomniachtchi.

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