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100 Endgame Patterns You Must Know

100 Endgame Patterns You Must Know


Find key moves, identify patterns and avoid typical mistakes at the end of the game!

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From the first steps of a chess player it is emphasized how important is the understanding of finals. One will encounter many kinds of finishes with rich ideas and patterns. Understanding them is clearly not always easy, quite the contrary. Even the top-grandmasters find it difficult to perfect their game. A small inaccuracy is capable of changing the outcome of the game. In any case, we conclude that their study and understanding should be an integral part of every chess player’s training.

Knowing the patterns of the endgame offers multiple benefits. First of all, the player will begin to identify the key moves very quickly. A necessary element given the pressure of time. He will analyze and measure better, avoiding potentially decisive mistakes. Also the study of different patterns helps the chess player to better consolidate whatever knowledge he has acquired.

About the book…

In this new book Jesus de la Villa presents patterns that come just before the appearance of a theoretical endgame. The author presents those that have the greatest practical relevance. Through some particularly apt examples he explains very carefully what you need to know . To explain the patterns as clearly as possible, he focuses mainly on positions in which both sides have only one piece.

There is still another important problem that the author answers through the book. The fact that players think in patterns creates a significant problem. Their mistakes in the end game tend to repeat themselves! This is why De la Villa has not included examples only from grandmaster games. We will also find examples from amateur games.

Studying the book will seriously reduce the number of typical mistakes you are prone to make. The many practical exercises De la Villa has chosen will help you to improve significantly and consolidate what you have learned! An amazing book that is worth studying by every chess player!

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